Tips for Setting a Flexible Homeschool Schedule


Tips for Setting a Flexible Homeschool Schedule

Suddenly becoming a homeschooling mom can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone is frazzled and flustered because of the lack of their regular schedule. Maybe the kids are reluctant to do anything because they feel like they’re on vacation. Maybe you are reluctant to homeschool because you have no idea how to start! If you are feeling stressed adjusting to it all, rest assured you are not alone! One of the best ways to get started, however, is by setting an easy, flexible homeschool schedule that you and your kids will thrive on.

But what does a flexible homeschool schedule look like? Not that complicated, to be honest. Any sort of schedule that works for you family will do. But here is a great sample schedule to give you an idea of how to structure your own flexible homeschool schedule:

Sample Flexible Homeschool Schedule

8:30 Wake Up…

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