Three Things that People Get Wrong about Being “Ready for College”


As a professor of Education and Psychology, I’ve taught first-semester college students for almost two decades, so I think about whether students are ready to be in our classes. Now that I’m sending my oldest child to college in the fall, I’m also looking at it from a new angle. Is she actually ready? How can I help make sure she is ready? What does “ready for college” mean, anyway?

What does “ready for college” mean, anyway? (Twenty20 @AAS)

Three misconceptions about being ready for college

Ask people what this means, and you’ll get myriad answers. Some answers more closely resemble what I’ve seen as a professor and academic coach than others. Here are three common ideas floating around about “college readiness” that are less than useful:

Checking Off Things From a Checklist

Being ready means having all your materials prepared. This includes tactical preparedness,…

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