This Video Went Viral and We Understand Exactly Why


We are all so tortured by the question of what to do with our kids for the next academic year, the grade school parents, the high school parents, the college parents. ALL. OF. US.

The news makes your head spin, and not in a good way. There is so little we know for certain, actually almost nothing. And, there is nothing about any of this, especially about the back to school decision that is business as usual.

We want our kids to go back but we are scared

We want our kids to go back to school-of course we do-but we don’t want them to get sick or to be the cause of others getting sick, the teachers, administrators or fellow students. One day we read that kids are unlikely to get sick and the next we read that they are vectors of illness, unknowingly spreading the disease. Then we read that their mental health is damaged by not going to school and then that there is a syndrome that kids…

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