This Time Has Been a Gift But This is Not Where My Children Belong


I thought I was over this. I thought I had cried my tears and said my goodbyes and successfully launched not one, but two of my children off to college, and one into the working world of independence. I had one to go, and he was leaving this fall.

I had adjusted to my youngest leaving home

I felt every moment this senior school year, I cried a few more tears as my baby began to look ready to leave the nest, and I readied myself for what life would look like in September. We had the soccer banquet, the homecoming dance, and many other milestones. My husband grew accustomed to hearing, “Well, it’s just you and me tonight for dinner. This is what it will be like this fall,” and many other predictions of what our life would soon look like.

I had lunch with a few friends throughout the year who also had seniors and would be without kids at home soon, and we talked about the…

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