This shocking video shows a swim instructor tossing a baby into a pool


But it’s actually part of a legit infant water safety course that teaches babies as young as six months old to float by themselves.

It’s officially summer, otherwise known as pool season! If you’re fortunate enough to have access to your own pool, a friend’s pool or your local public pool (if it has re-opened after having been shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic), you’re probably thinking about your kid’s swimming abilities, especially given that most lessons are cancelled.

Maybe that’s why a short video of what we can only describe as an untraditional baby swimming lesson is quickly making the rounds on the internet.

The clip, which was originally shared on TikTok by mom-of-two Krysta Meyer, shows part of an infant swimming class in which her younger son, a baby named Oliver, gets thrown into a pool by an instructor before eventually…

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