This “New Normal” Is Bearable Because My Teens are Here With Me


I thought I knew what loneliness was. Then I became a single mom and it brought the feeling of being alone to a whole new level. I’m not saying only single parents are lonely. But I am saying many of us go through life, then hit a road bump and wonder why we thought it was bad before this stage.

We wonder how we got here. We wonder why we thought the past was so hard because nothing could compare to this pain. It could be a split, a death, a break-up with a friend, or having an empty nest. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic and trying to figure out what a new normal is going to look like for us, so many parents are struggling.

What’s getting me through this is my kids re here with me.(Twenty20 @lina_tol)

I miss my friends but am so lucky my kids are here

Right now, there’s little support because this is all so new. We are all keeping our distance from each other, and we…

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