This Mom From Italy Wants Americans to Know This About Covid-19 and Teens


In Italy, we are used to looking to the US to see the future. Smartphones, Apps, brands that take off: social phenomena hit the US just before they land here. It doesn’t take long. But for a moment, in Europe, there’s a feeling of “OhOK. So that’s what’s about to happen.” 

Learn from Italy (Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels)

Unfortunately Covid-19 has brought a reversal of this order. We, in a complete and total national lockdown, are experiencing what the US might be facing in the near future. The virus has ravaged Italy with lightning speed. Hospitals in the north are on the verge of collapse. Intensive care units are full of people who are elderly, but also people who are forty, and fifty. Streets are empty, restaurants closed. You have to have an authorization paper to walk your dog.

Only eight days ago in Rome, our teenagers were socializing in the evening with…

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