This Letter from a College Freshman to Parents Will Make You Cry


There I was, two nights before move in day relaxing in bed and about to fall asleep when the soft and fuzzy feeling previously associated with leaving suddenly disappeared. My mind flooded with all the change I was about to encounter as a college freshman and people who would be left behind. No one warned me about this strong and overpowering sensation. It hit me like a tidal wave, drowning me in thoughts and memories, I found it easiest to grasp and process them by putting them into this letter.

This is the letter I wrote to may family before freshman year. (Mac Stiles)

Letter from a college freshman to his parents

Mom and Dad,

Today must be one of the hardest days of your lives. I promise you everything will be ok. You’ve spent 17 years, 10 months and 29 days instilling values in me that I will never forget. The time you spent repeating yourself over and over has paid off. I am…

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