This Is Why We Cry, Dry Our Tears and Move Forward


We are crying.

Last week in the Grown and Flown Parents group, a member asked a simple question, “Anybody else hide from family for a few minutes to cry from being overwhelmed, then take a deep breath, wipe away the tears and go back to parenting and taking care of a household like nothing happened?” Almost 700 people jumped into the conversation shedding some light on what’s happening in our homes.

We are all crying (@ametov41 via Twenty20)

The simple answer is that this member is not alone. We are all crying.

We cry because we are terrified of getting sick or because someone we know or love is struggling with this virus. In the still of the night our dread bubbles over thinking of those who are most vulnerable; a parent who is elderly, a best friend who has asthma or a child with diabetes. The darkened ceiling of our bedrooms has become our nightly companion.

We cry because the…

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