This Is How I Got My Teens To Do Things With Me Again


I had three kids in three years and they are all very different. But, there’s one thing between them that stayed true across the board: as soon as they turned twelve they no longer wanted to do anything with me, their mom.

Our fun pizza dates turned into me asking them to come get pizza and soda with me and them asking each time if we could just get take-out.

Once I stopped pushing my kids to come with me, it all changed. (Twenty20 @heather_lee_wilson)

When my kids were younger they were so excited to do things with me

No longer could they not sleep the night before a beach day. I clearly remember their younger years: they’d be awake and make several trips down the stairs because they could hear me packing the beach bag. I would be making subs or fried chicken in between loading up the car with toys, towel, and sunscreen to get a leg up the following morning, and they would wander…

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