This Is 14 and It Isn’t Pretty, But You Are Definitely Not Alone as a Parent


My friend sat with her hands between her head. “It’s not supposed to be like this,” she said. “All she does is make TikTok videos, she won’t go anywhere with me, and she argues with everything I say. I could say the sun is yellow and she would crucify me for it.”

I agreed with my friend. I’d seen her daughter in action and she did, in fact, challenge everything her mother said in a tone that made you hold your breath because you weren’t sure what was going to happen next.

I still haven’t recovered from my daughter’s 14th year. (Twenty20 @RJSilva)

I didn’t have advice about how to parent a fourteen year old

I really didn’t want to give her advice. How annoying, but also, I had nothing to offer. The only thing I could do was reassure her that it was the age–14 was a beast and I’d survived it twice. Not to mention my youngest is about to round out the trio and…

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