This High School Senior, in Her Prom Dress Made Her Neighborhood Smile


What do you do if you have a gorgeous blue prom dress, the kind of dress you bought for that special once-in-a-lifetime night, but it is not to be? Well, if you are Gracie Allen, you turn lemons into lemonade and bring joy, and the stunning blue dress, to your neighbors.

When Grown and Flown asked Gracie where she got the idea, she told us that she was BORED and that she also really missed her friends so she came up with the idea to go and “wave at friends through their windows so that she could make them smile even if it was just for a few seconds.”

Then Gracie decided that it would be fun to throw on the prom dress that she was never going to be able to wear. Gracie told us, “This was so fun for me to do and it felt good to see people have a little but of joy during this hard time.”

Gracie’s mom, Carol tells us that Gracie is a competitive dancer and is missing out on the…

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