This Fall Your Classroom Will be Equipped with a Lion


Dear Garfield Middle School Teachers,

As we prepare for the start of our school year, I wanted to alert you to a recent addition to your classroom learning environment. As per the order of the State Department of Education, each classroom will now be equipped with a lion.

The following information is designed to help you achieve your learning targets as you manage your lion. Please note: Due to the fact that we have never had lions in our classrooms and we’re figuring this out as we go, these recommendations could change at any moment.

Because we have never had lions in the classroom, these guidelines are subject to change. ([email protected])

Guidelines for our lions in the classrooms

1. Your lion will not be contained; s/he will be free to roam around your room. Please instruct your students to stay 6 feet away from the lion at all times.

2. The lion could lick or just scratch a…

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