This African American Mom Worries “The Talk” May Not Be Enough


I have been a follower of Grown & Flown for quite a few years now, and during that time, I’ve enjoyed articles of all types. From starting high school and selecting the right classes to discussions of prom attire and leaving for college Grown & Flown has covered it all.

Imagine a world where milestones are feared

Now imagine a world in which those types of milestones can’t be celebrated because allowing your child to experience them could mean death for that child. That, my friends, is my world.

While we are all interested in topics such as starting high school, selecting courses, attending prom, and leaving for college, African American parents worry about other issues when those milestones are reached.

Will the college they attend encourage and appreciate diversity? Will they recognize my child’s gifts and talents? Will my child receive the same benefit of the doubt as white…

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