They Said, “Leave the College Packing to Your Son.” How That Worked


Let’s leapfrog over the current situation and consider the future for a moment. College. Packing. Something to get excited about? Our high school graduates are young adults and officially independent in the eyes of society. In most cases, the graduates feel that they are now independent, as they prepare us for the inevitable, “You know, once I’m at college you won’t have any idea where I am or when I get home.”

Back to packing.

I’ve heard it all…”they are adults, they should pack their own stuff”, “they can figure this out”, “my son/daughter is doing it all on their own”, “it’s not my job”, “they know what they need”, “you’re not doing your kid any favors…”

All my friends were telling me I shouldn’t pack for my son.

People told me that I should let my freshman son pack for himself

Although I felt that I ​should​ leave freshman packing…

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