These Times Are Changing My Kids’ Relationship With Me And Each Other


My daughter has been sleeping with me every night for the past two weeks. It’s something she did when she was little, then again when her dad moved out three years ago.

I’ve told her over the past few years since she stopped snuggling with me at night and falling asleep under my covers, how much I miss it. Not really something a teenager wants to hear, or cares about really, but I like to get the reminder in there a few times a month in hopes our cuddle time will return.

We’ve been cooking every meal together. (Twenty20 @brightideasfl)

I’m glad my daughter is sleeping in my bed again

While I’m glad it has, I have to say I don’t like the circumstances that brought her back to me. But nonetheless, every night when she sees me plug in my phone to charge, lock the door, and scan the downstairs to see what I can do to make tomorrow a bit easier, she says, “I’ll go turn on the…

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