These Days are Exhausting Especially for Us Parents


At first, I was afraid. No, that’s wrong, I was terrified. 

As the virus raged, we obsessively washed our hands and our groceries. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling suffocated, a completely unfamiliar sensation for me. We worried about supply chain disruptions and scarcities but mostly we worried about getting sick.

These are exhausting times. (@adamkuylenstierna via Twenty20)

Every time someone in the house coughed or sneezed or woke up with a scratchy throat I was seized with panic. Had the virus finally arrived at our door?

We have a tiny bit of a breather here in the Northeast right now, and even though I am finally sleeping again, Coronavirus has left me exhausted, bone-weary, dog-tired and completely drained.

This is what exhausts me

  • I am exhausted from talking and talking and talking about this virus. We have turned it over and over exploring its every angle…

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