These clips of kids reuniting with their grandparents are the sweetest thing ever


We’re not crying—wait, yes we are.

It’s no secret that quarantine has been tough on families—especially for those who relied on family and friends for childcare and have been struggling without them. Luckily, some provinces in Canada have started to allow for “Double Bubbles” or “quaran-teams,” which refers to the exclusive coming together of two households to make quarantine more bearable for everyone.

With double bubbles starting to come into practice in Newfoundland, parents are posting heartwarming videos of their kids finally reuniting with their grandparents. Now, we aren’t judging, but we aren’t sure grandparents would be the ideal choice to include in a double bubble, since older people are much more vulnerable to COVID-19. However, we don’t know these families’ situations, and the joy experienced by the families in these…

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