These Canadian TikTok accounts are the break all parents need right now


There’s plenty to love (and a lot to learn!) on TikTok—even if you’re over 25 and the last dance routine you learned was the Macarena.

If you’re feeling more like Reese Witherspoon than Ciara when it comes to TikTok, you’re not alone. Mom groups aside, you’ve probably moved from Facebook to Instagram for your social fix, but TikTok can feel a bit intimidating if you’re over 25 and the last dance routine you memorized was the macarena.

Fear not, parents. No one has to be subjected to your weak attempts at the “WAP” dance—you can comfortably peruse endless short and snappy videos from the sidelines. Whether you joined out of curiosity or to keep tabs on your kids, you’ve got hours of scrolling ahead of you while you hide from your family in the bathroom. And moms with newborns, the middle-of-the-night entertainment is endless.


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