These adorable sisters are the cutest Black history teachers ever


For Black History Month, sisters Kari and Kaid are teaching the internet about historic Black women in the sweetest way: by dressing up!

Is there anything cuter than kids playing dress up? We think not!

That’s why we can’t get enough of the Seawright sisters, three-year-old Karington and two-year-old Kaidence, who have been dressing up as significant female figures in Black history to celebrate Black History Month.

Their dad, Jalen Seawright, shares their photos on his Instagram account, where they are the most adorable history teachers we’ve ever seen. Jalen explained to POPSUGAR that he wanted his girls to have an experience similar to one he had growing up, where the kids in his church community would dress up as a famous Black figures and present what they learned about the person.

And just because these two cuties, who go by the…

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