There’s no Playbook for This Time With Our Kids


I’m sure like the rest of you, I’m feeling like we are living in a movie right now. And sadly, it’s not a rom-com, full of flirtatious laughter with a happily-ever-after couple leaning into each other on a beach at sunset.

I feel like I’m in a scary movie

It’s a somewhat scary, full of sudden twists and tumultuous turns, will-we-actually-survive-all-of-this bizarre combo of a drama, horror, and documentary film.

And for us parents, this strange period started just as so many of our kids were in transit – both physically; with spring break travel plans in full swing or set to begin – and metaphysically; high school and college students ready for big changes over the next few months.

We are in full scramble mode. (@darby via Twenty20)

The list of disruptions and cancellations for all of them is simply mind-boggling: trips, exams, sports, and the hundreds of “lasts” –…

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