Therapist Reminds Parents of the Most Important Way They Can Help Their Teens Through 2020


My son had a lacrosse tournament this weekend. He played. My husband, daughter and I went to cheer him on. In the midst of this train wreck of a year, I recognize that there are varying degrees of applause and disapproval about that decision. To quote Mumford and Sons, spare me your judgement. I don’t care whether you think I made a right or wrong decision to allow my son to play or for the rest of us to attend. 

That’s not the point of this post. The point is more about a question that I was asked by a group of parents and the answer that I’ve been reflecting on since that moment.  

We don’t have the answers about school opening. (Twenty20 @rubypeanut)

Our school met to make a decision on opening school

Most of the families on our lacrosse team are in the same school district, here in the south-Denver area of Colorado. Our school board had a grueling 9-hour long meeting…

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