The Storm We Face Is Scary, But Together We Will Weather It


I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. So terrified, in fact, that well into my early thirties, I would go sleep in the hallway, close all the doors leading to the hall so I couldn’t see any lightning through any windows, pull a blanket over my head and try to block it out. Then I became a mom. And I realized if I wanted my daughter to grow up free of the fear that I had crippled me my whole life I couldn’t let her see how much the storms scared me.   

All the time I spent comforting my daughter, I was comforting myself, as well. (Twenty20 @Lesia.Skywalker)

The summer she was born was a humid stormy one and I would sit in the rocking chair clutching that baby for dear life while thunderstorm after thunderstorm raged outside my windows. To an observer it may have looked as though I was holding her to keep her safe and soothe her but in actuality, holding her gave me a focus…

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