The Smell of a Newborn is Addictive, Science Says


Ever wish you could bottle the scent of your newborn baby and keep it forever? I remember when my now-toddlers were infants and how I would nurse or hold them, just relaxing and relishing the sweet smell off the tops of their heads for hours. When we’d play on a soft blanket on the floor, I’d nuzzle their little tummies and breathe them in. Later, when I was apart from my babies for any length of time, as soon as I’d get home, I’d immediately scoop them up into my arms and inhale a deep draught of their precious scent! It’s as though the smell of a newborn is addictive, I thought. And it turns out, it is!

Science Proves That Newborn Smell is Addictive

Science confirms that the smell of your little one can be addictive. In fact, it’s designed to hook your attention and affections. In one study, it was proven that mothers recognize their newborns by olfactory cues, and…

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