The One Thing Every Teen in Quarantine Wants, In Addition to Their Friends


You are on your couch, all curled up ready for a binge session of Netflix after a long day of not leaving the house. But the one thing that can make this scene just about perfect, would be a cozy blanket that would wrap you up like a glove.

Our teens have found the answer. Part hoodie, part blanket, the “Comfy” is the answer to all our stay-at-home dreams (except the ones about leaving the house.)

Everyone wants a Comfy

Parents were buying these for teens for the holidays in December, but now, with so much couch time as part of our days, we are thinking Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduation and Father’s Day all come into play.

It may be the one item of clothing that every single member of the family can wear. Readers have been telling us that there is hot competition in their homes to see who gets if first and that it is PERFECT for early morning dog walks!

When the founders…

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