The Not-So-Easy Baby: Why Some Parents Have It Harder


The Not-So-Easy Baby: Why Some Parents Have It Harder Than Others

Why are the parents of some infants relaxed and at ease while other parents are exhausted, guilty, and frustrated with raising their new infant? Is it because of their parenting skills or is it due to something else? Why do some parents have not-so-easy babies?

Why do some infants:

  • Move constantly while others are content to lie quietly?
  • Sleep and eat in regular patterns while others never settle into any routine of hunger or rest?
  • Seem to like bright lights and others like the light muted?
  • Wake up cheerful and happy while others are fidgety and fussy?
  • Like to be wrapped tightly and others want to be free of all tight clothes?
  • Cry all day and others only in 10 to 15-minute episodes?
  • Like to be carried around and others do not?

Not all babies are the same.


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