The New Normal Is Very Strange But This is How It Is Now


This is how it is now. Our entire world is our home. We rise each day with an alarm, shower and dress to give ourselves the air of normalcy, of routine. We eat breakfast and head to “work” or to “class.”  Each of us off to our claimed space – basement office, dining room table, bedroom desk — we set about our tasks, careful to not hog the WIFI during the two-hour Shakespeare class or the weekly staff meeting – both of which rely on Zoom to happen. Things are always freezing or glitchy and during one meeting a message pops up “Your Internet Connection is Unstable,” and I think, “So am I.” 

Our entire life is different now. (Katie Collins)

Our entire life is different now

March has lasted forever. The calendar mocks me, stubbornly refusing to advance to April as much as I will it to – as if a new month will magically bring a difference. It snowed this…

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