The Most Important Manners to Teach Your Kids (And How to Do It)


Most things in life go out of style. But there is a shortlist of things that never will. And children with good manners will always remain at the top of that list because good manners make a child stand out in every interaction they have — whether with strangers, family, or even their peers. And if you think about it, you can probably name the children you know that have extraordinary manners as well as those who do not. Because well-mannered or poor-mannered children both leave a lasting impression. But only one type leaves the impression that a parent can be proud of.

Good manners are not learned overnight. They take practice and commitment, and modeling. But the hard work always pays off. So here are five simple manners to teach your kids who are old enough to speak.

How to Teach Your Child Important Manners

Saying please, and thank you.

The most basic form of manners begins…

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