The “Mom Bags” my Mother Sends Me are Full of Love


My mom will stop at nothing to get “the mom bag” to me.

My husband and I went to drive-in church this Sunday with our little country congregation, which includes my parents. Members park their cars, windows up, facing the church carport, and one person at a time (the pastor, a singer, one worship leader, etc.) comes up to a podium.

The service is “broadcast” on a particular radio frequency, which attendees can then tune into in their cars. A team of socially distancing, masked safety-team volunteers directs everyone and responds to needs for assistance signaled by emergency flashers.

The “mom bag” is one way my mom has been loving me since I grew up and left home. ([email protected])

I was out of our car for a little while to lead worship this week, and when I got back in, I glanced in the backseat and saw a grocery store bag that hadn’t been there before on the…

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