The Kindest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done


Last spring, my husband planned to turn his workshop into a craft room for my12 year-old daughter. My husband’s cancer worsened and he died in the fall so he wasn’t able to do it. Two friends stepped in and made it happen. They hired contractors, ordered furniture/storage and worked with my daughter on colors/design. Sometimes I just stand in the doorway and soak it in. -Jodi

Single mom here living paycheck to paycheck and I have a friend who occasionally comes over with a bag of groceries (pre-covid) saying that she bought the wrong things or has too much or some other excuse so I don’t feel weird taking it. The fact that she makes the effort to allow me to maintain my dignity makes me weep every time. -Cori

We sacrifice EVERYTHING to send our kids to private school. They appreciate it but it becomes obvious sometimes that we are unable to do for our kids what other parents can….

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