The Kids Are Not All Okay; Maybe It’s Time to Let Them Grieve


I was on Facebook last night and I saw a parent post about teenagers not doing too well all over the US. One of the commenters said that she led her children by her positive example. She thought that perhaps her attitude explained why her kids have adjusted so well to the current situation.

She went on to say that it’s our (parent’s) response that matters and that we should “just be positive.” Our kids will follow suit. She went on to say that her family has been through a tough diagnosis, the family member survived and they all were all stronger for the experience.

The kids are not all okay-let them grieve. (via Joy Ximenez)

I felt guilty that I wasn’t being more positive about all this

I hate the word…but her statement “triggered” me and I had to figure out why. Why would hope bother me? At first I thought that maybe I was bothered because I took it…

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