The Day Athletics Stood Still


As a coach, I can tell you that every year brings its own set of unique memories. I have yet to meet a colleague in coaching that has gone one full year without experiencing or participating in a life-lesson moment, a team/athlete hardship, or a monumental turning point that ultimately defines that season. Sometimes those moments are great, while others are downright awful, but both have the capacity to leave a mark in a way that changes you as a leader.

Empty stadiums and fields but lessons to learn. (Photo by Waldemar Brandt from Pexels)

The COVD-19 shutdown in college athletics shows that we are all at that moment at the exact same time. We may be different in sport, division and gender, and yet we’re experiencing the same thing.

Each year I watch March Madness, the Frozen Four, and the Women’s College World Series with a laptop, two TVs, and an iPad on hand. My heartstrings are…

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