The Class of 2020 is NOT Being Set Back by Their Current Setback


Man, was I prepared to CRY this spring. I had trained like a Tear Olympian for the ultimate Spring Games: my oldest’s high school graduation. I’d put in all the hard work of getting ultra-emotional about things that would happen months in the future.

They are all missing out but the milestone events hurt the most. (via Jen Parker)

I’d need stamina, so I prepared for all of my daughter’s lasts by picturing them in full-blown detail, all the while kicking pebbles down memory lane til my toes bled. I’d already proved my mettle, crying like a champ after her final water polo game in the fall. Next up, I was kleenex-ready for her final musical. Then a final senior banquet. All the final finals.

The graduation of my imagination did not happen

I’d imagined a sunny graduation day. We’d head to a college in the city, a borrowed home for my daughter’s high school graduation…

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