The Class of 2020 Has Learned Never To Take Anything for Granted


May 23,1980 was my high school graduation day.

After rehearsing for the ceremony, making sure our caps and gowns were pressed and ready-to-go, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves, we retreated to a classmate’s home for a party and some pre-ceremony celebrating. 

We were stunned when one of my high school classmates died

By mid-afternoon we were stunned to learn that a classmate had been killed in a car accident that day. He wasn’t someone I knew well, but in our small town we all knew each other by name, had an idea of where other students lived and maybe even knew what car they drove.

Graduation exercises went forward and we recognized his parents when they attended the graduation ceremony that evening. Seeing our classmate’s parents was our last great lesson of high school – they modeled grace in the face of devastation. We held each other in a solidarity we hadn’t…

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