The Blessings I’ve Gained from Covid-19


The Blessings I’ve Gained from Covid-19

The news these days bombards the viewer or reader with hundreds of stories filled with fear, loss, worry, death, and destruction, all related to the Coronavirus. You can’t go online without experiencing people, perhaps even friends, who are spewing hate and judgment because they don’t agree with an opinion. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed with negative feelings and emotions when the world around us seems hellbent on highlighting the worst-case scenarios, dire data, and predictions of the world post-Coronavirus.

Perhaps it’s because I have already lived through one of my worst nightmares and survived after becoming a widow at 38 years old. Or maybe it’s because I refuse to believe that silver linings don’t accompany gray clouds. Maybe it’s just a coping mechanism I employ during times of overwhelming stress. Whatever…

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