The Benefits of Using a TENS Unit in Pregnancy and Labor


Before I got pregnant with my first, I had never heard of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, or TENS, unit. I was determined to move through my pregnancy, labor, and delivery as intervention-free as possible, so I soon learned about different methods. Despite needing fertility drugs to conceive, I wanted everything else to be as natural as possible, so I decided to birth through a birthing center. The center connected me with a massage therapist, who also specialized in using a TENS unit, which I used at the end of my pregnancy, and while I was in labor.

TENS Units and How They Work

A TENS unit is a piece of equipment designed to help with pain relief. It sends electrical pulses through the skin to help start the body’s painkillers. It can release substances, such as endorphins, to stop pain signals in the brain. The unit is battery-powered and involves two electrodes…

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