The Agony of Social Distancing for Adolescents


The world seems to be falling apart just now thanks to coronavirus. And it probably doesn’t help that your kids seem to be falling apart, too. They just want to be with their friends. I know. I have one son in high-school and two in college. One of those college students, alas, was due to graduate in June. When I told my boys that we would wait out the COVID-19 pandemic at our farm in rural New York State rather than our home in Brooklyn, and that we were leaving immediately, I got anguished howls from the two who were home: “But our friends!” It took several more days to get that college senior to leave his off-campus apartment and join us in seclusion.

Teens practice social distance during COVID-19.

All of them had been focused on the fact that the sudden, dramatic disruption of school and travel schedules would result in an unexpected, but potentially glorious, convergence of…

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