The Age of Possibility, Potential and Flight


“Text him,” my husband encourages.

“I’m trying to give him space,” I say.

We are discussing our oldest son, who is a guest at his girlfriend’s home this week. It’s a weird reversal of roles because I’m the overly-attached parent.

“He should be sending us pictures and contacting us more,” my husband insists. “Text him again.”

Hmm. My co-dependency may be catchy.

I decide for the moment not to check in and to just let him be. He’s 17 and on day four of his visit. We met his girlfriend, her mom and two of her sisters in Boston, so we wouldn’t have to drive the extra hour to their home in New Hampshire. It was seven hours round trip These days there’s no lingering in restaurants or making a weekend of it.

17 is such a beautiful age. (Twenty20)

It was hard to let my 17-year-old go

It took a lot of consideration and internal negotiations to let him go in the first…

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