The 5 Reasons I’m Happy My Daughter Isn’t Returning to College


In a few short weeks I was supposed to be loading up my daughter’s car and embarking on the 1,300 mile journey to move her back to college to begin her sophomore year; a year she has been looking forward to since last October when she was already so over the anxieties that come with being a freshman.

But now, in a time when solutions can’t be trusted, anxieties are multi-faceted, and much of what you looked forward to a year ago has disappeared, my daughter has decided not to go back to college — in person anyway.

After a month of struggles, stresses, and sleepless nights she’s made the difficult decision to stay at home and continue classes remotely, and I couldn’t be more supportive.

My daughter has decided to stay home and take her classes online. (Michelle Newman)

I am happy that my daughter has decided to stay home and learn online

  1. The plans are impractical

Like all…

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