Ten Pro Tips for Your Teen’s College Move-In Day, From a BTDT Mom


As everyone is preparing for move-in, here are the best tips and tricks I have picked up from others and have used myself, too. Drop off will be very different at some schools this this year but this advice should still help you and your teen on the big day.

10 tips for college move in day. (Melissa Shoultz)

Ten tips for a smooth college move-in

1. Pack everything in as few, manageable bags/boxes as possible.

Avoid lots of loose items and small bags, so things don’t get lost and you don’t have to fish them out of the bottom of the big carts! IKEA blue bags are the best! Pack directly into storage bins that you’re bringing to leave at school. There is no room to store big luggage, so think folding collapsible bags.

2. Leave clothes on the hanger, zip-tie or rubber band the tops together and pull a trash bag over them.

Take them directly off the closet rod, transport and quickly hang…

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