Teens are in an Uncomfortable Middle Between Old and New Normals


Earlier this month like many people across the country, we had to decide how our high school sophomore would be returning to school in the fall. We had several options, including in-person, totally virtual, and hybrid choices.

We were all comfortable with our decision, all virtual for the first 9 weeks, then we can reassess. Did we feel good about it, though? Deep-down good about it, in our gut and our bones? I suppose we felt as good as anyone can about any choice for Fall 2020.

I have to remind myself that this weird state of affairs is my daughters’ new normal. (Twenty20 @coffeekai)

Change often requires a major disruption

As an organizational consultant and executive coach, I spend a lot of time with my clients talking about how there sometimes needs to be a major disruption to a system for big change to happen. Feeling uncomfortable with discomfort is a big part of allowing…

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