Teen Captures All Of Our Lives in Her Haunting Video “Numb”


Liv McNeil, a 15-year-old Canadian student at Etobicoke School of the Arts has captured the pandemic perfectly. The teen sits in her bedroom and in a short 3 minute and 22 second film called “Numb: A Short Film” she lets us feel what it is to be young and physically separated from your former life.

She describes our collective experience as a “civilized apocalypse” and says, “In my film I explore how isolation can effect your mental health. There is a reason we learn in classroom and remote learning has not been beneficial. We crave each other for feedback, judgement, validation, knowledge, joy…everything. To be alive is to be with each other.”

“We are left with the monotony of captivity”

Liv created the video as a school assignment and she has not lost sight of her blessings or the position of her life. “We…

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