Teaching Adulting To a Captive Audience (Like During a Pandemic)


Being an adult is hard. At least that’s the word on the street. A decade ago, adulting wasn’t even a thing. Now the lack of it is paralyzing a generation. Teens these days are always on the go. There’s just never enough time to prepare for the real world. 

Nine adulting skills that kids need to learn before they leave the nest. (Twenty20 @criene)

Well, here comes the good news. Never, truly ever, has there been a better time to work on adulting. Most colleges, high schools, sports, music lessons, dance teams and vacations are on hold. After a little time to bemoan what would have been for the next few weeks it’s time to get down to business.

Teens need certain solid skills before they head off to college or to wherever their next adventure awaits. Spending an hour every day learning a new skill is not going to be high on your teen’s agenda at this time. They will…

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