Teachers Are on the Front Lines and Many of Us are Struggling


There are people out there who seem to understand teachers right now. “You’re really on the front lines”, “I cannot believe all that you have to do”, “It’s like there is no end to your school day”, “You just keep working.” I have a friend who is a psychologist who treats several teachers in her practice and remarks regularly to me that “You’re not alone. Teachers are really struggling.”

But many people have no idea. This is a time of crisis, and everyone is focused on how to plow through, survive this chaos with their jobs (hopefully), mental health, and physical well-being intact. This is especially true of parents.

It is a relentless existence right now, focused on management and survival.

But some of what is out there about teachers is woefully lacking in terms of respect and compassion for what we are enduring. The bottom line: this situation and the level…

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