Teacher Offers Best Advice for High School Freshmen


After reading Professor Offers Best Advice for College Freshmen, I decided to write my top ten list of advice for high school freshmen (and older kids getting ready to go back). I have taught high school for 15 years so just think of this list as some words of wisdom from a teacher who has seen it all.

Empty hallway where students will soon be finding their lockers. (Photo credit: SickestFame)

Advice for High School Freshmen

These rules work. To boil it down even more succinctly, there are two things you need to remember: Build relationships from the very beginning, and be honest. Everything else will fall into place!

1. Know what is expected of you over the summer.

Many of your classes (not just English) now require summer reading, or some sort of summer work in preparation for the class. Coming into class unprepared on day one sends a clear message to the teacher.

However, if you…

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