Surprising Body Changes During Pregnancy – Podcast Ep 33


Surprising Body Changes During Pregnancy – Podcast Ep 33

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. But don’t get me wrong, not every day of pregnancy is glamorous. We’ve all of the luxurious hair, the glowing skin, the stretchmarks with the growing belly, but there are also things that happen to a woman’s body that aren’t really discussed. That’s why we are covering all of the surprising body changes a woman can experience during pregnancy. So if you’re currently expecting and are noticing some odd changes happening to your body you can feel relieved knowing that you are not alone.

You might be sweating . . . a lot.

Something that is common during pregnancy and postpartum is increased sweating. However, the first and third trimesters are when hyperhidrosis is the most common and severe. Many women begin feeling sweaty very early in their pregnancies…

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