Stuck on the Side of a Mountain, I Saw My Daughter in a New Way


You could say, by some measures, that my 22-year-old daughter hasn’t followed a set path. Three years ago, halfway through college, she dropped out abruptly to become a farmer in Vermont. Next stop was California, where she raised goats and lived in a religious community. Now sheʼs in Costa Rica, where she manages a wellness retreat center.

She is a counselor and an empath, a spiritual seeker. Definitely not conventional. Definitely her own person. I’ve had to run hard to keep up with the changes in her life, and she’s left me breathless more than once. I can’t say I agree with everything she’s done. (Like when she shaved her head.) But we’ve built a strong basis of trust over the past few years, mainly as I’ve learned to let go and accept that her choices are emphatically not mine.

As a mom, you expect to be the wise one

I don’t think there’s a harder lesson to learn…

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