Structured vs Unstructured Play for Kids


Structured vs Unstructured Play 

When I traverse in those childhood lanes, we had so much time to explore nature, go outdoors and even spend time indoors playing lots of sorting games, board games (Monopoly, Jackpot, scrabble). Today I realize it was the right mix to bring out our creativity, and yet evolve as a disciplined child.

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As my son grew, I worked to give him enough freedom to explore and learn. And yes, I scheduled both Structured and Unstructured activities for him. Allowing a child to explore both variants of play are quite crucial in building an extrovert and a confident personality. While talking about kids’ play, this is how they are broadly categorized as structured play and unstructured play. A child needs to have both these forms of play for overall learning and skill development. Continue reading further as what is…

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