Some Surprising But Wonderful Things Our Teens are Doing Right Now


As things came to a screeching halt, our teenagers have shown us just how resilient they are and are taking up some pretty amazing hobbies.

If that’s not a positive spin on a horrible situation, I don’t know what is.
Teens have started to explore creative hobbies.

Popular teen hobbies

Adopting animals seems to be on the rise for sure. Amy M. got right into it saying, “My kids & I adopted baby goats!”

Photo credit: Amy Maikkula

Tracy C. says, “Mine has started baking and gotten a puppy which is keeping her on her toes!”

Photo Credit: Tracy Walsh Craemer

Kerry S. says her daughters are doing something that benefits her yard, “My daughters are both learning the finer points of gardening. They studied how to amend heavy soil, select plants for our growing zone and install drip irrigation. They planned their design and planted everything this past weekend.”

Who knows, they just…

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