Six Crucial Things to Think About Right Now


For the parent of a high school senior, the joy of your teen’s journey to college has been turned inside out. So many families are now grappling with enormous uncertainty.

Parents and teens have to stay flexible and informed about college decisions this year. (Twenty20 @richardwright)

If the outbreak is still with us in August, should I keep my child close to home? 

Will college campuses re-open in the fall, or will instruction be online? 

If instruction is online, will I have to pay the same high tuition? 

If I don’t know when our jobs will return, how can we afford college? 

Clearly, the answers to these questions are still not known, but they will all have to be answered in the next two or three months. Here are a few tips to help you stay flexible and informed as you move towards making your decision of where your teen will enroll.

What’s the same and what’s different about…

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